one step closer !

All my life I have been thinking of what I am planning to do with my life and what I would like to learn more about when I grow up. Well today I know what I want to do and what career I want to take.. The career I would like to take is to become a chef. I have wonder that what I like to do the most is to cooking and what better to chef and sharing my passion to people and what information i can share to others.

My name is Noor Aqila Syaza Rifique. I was born on 2 July 1989 in Johor Bahru, Johor.  I finished High School in my home town and now I am a student at the Management and Science University. Here I am studying to become a chef.

I really are all about food. I love to talk about food, work with food (and foodie people) and most of all, eat and enjoy food!  I love to eat, travel, write and explore new food places.

This blog is an outlet for me to share my food discoveries for others to read.

Reviews are based solely on my personal opinion. I am not affiliated to any food establishments and will not be responsible if any disappointments were to occur.

Thank you.. hiksImage


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