WISH – Wadihana Islamic Steak House

Assalamualaikum.. hey hey hey.

If you have been looking for a halal steakhouse answer is to Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse in Bangi.


When i first set foot at the premises of Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse, i were instantly delighted. The restaurant white walls and white upholstery bring calmness and serenity to its customers, creating a remarkably ideal ambience for all food enthusiasts seeking memorable dining experience.

The restaurant is located amongst the many cafes and restaurants in the heart of Bandar Baru Bangi. What sets Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse (WISH) apart from the other neighboring food operators is its use of traditionally Italian wood-fire oven for preparing dishes like pizzas and certain pastries authentically.


When first time i saw this restaurant at section 9, my father was surprised because he said this restaurant was popular at he childhood. The name Wadihana was taken from the founder’s childhood home base, which was a neighbourhood full of gentle Malay traditional homes located in the centre of Johor Bahru. Sadly, Wadihana no longer exists due to rapid development of Johor Bahru’s centre. Instead, WISH Steakhouse intends to become the new watering hole for former Wadihana residents to enjoy, much to the delight of Tuan Haji Hamid.


WISH has its own cold room for meat storage and its own in-house butcher to ensure the meats freshness. The cold room is located at Wadihana Islamic Kitchen (another restaurant belonging to the same group of company) which is just a stones throw away from WISH, is the Wadihana Islamic Kitchen and there offer mostly Johorian food.

WISH serves an extensive list of western food on its menu to cater for all: soups, salads, steaks, fajitas, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and of course, the wood-fired pizza. The food are not only prepared with the adults in mind but also children through the restaurant‚ own Kid’s Menu. The soups are creamy and heart-warming. I love ceaser salad at this restaurant. The salads are fresh and crisp. I also try their sir-loin steak. The steaks are tender and juicy. One thing I really like in this restaurant, it because the portion of their food is quiet big and always make my tummy full. The pasta and pizza made us want to say Mamma Mia! Meanwhile, WISH beverages and desserts make great tummy fillers for those who just want something light while catching up with friends and family.

The specialty sauces, make excellent steak combinations. The kinds of sauces available are apple barbecue, mushroom, tarragon béarnaise, black pepper and garlic sauce. I try apple sauce, and the taste is so combine with my steak. Before this I have blueberry sauce at other place, but for me this apple sauce is much tasty and unique in the mouth.

For me the price of overall food in this restaurant is cheap. Yahh seriously CHEAPPPP ! Pizza for regular size is from Rm25 and the filling and taste is very satisfied. For steak also quite cheap. I’m order sir-loin steak and the price is only RM25. One more thing that surprised  me is the onion ring with the price RM3.90 only. This is the first place I go to eat at the lower price ever !

For the service at the restaurant is TIP TOP ! or maybe at that time there’s not too much people so they can entertain me appropriately. The atmosphere of the restaurant is more like family fun restaurant. Not too crowded with decoration but very nice to see and very attractive. I’m very excited for being in this restaurant and enjoyed the very delicious food.


You also need to try and experience the one of the best restaurant for me.

the address of WISH

the address of WISH


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