Ohh Dip N Dip

Assalamualaikum. Hello chocolate loverrrrr. Craving for Choclate? Chocolate lovers, if you haven’t tried this chocolate heaven, then you should NOW!! (provided if it’s still open at whatever hour you’re reading this post haha!). My friend, Moon was craving for some chocolate goodness and she mentioned dip ‘n dip. I’ve heard so many good things about this place, so I gave it a go! She treat me actually. HAHAHAHAH Image

Went there around 3-4pm & the whole place was crowded with people yet we got a place after just waiting for a few minutes ūüôā Unfortunately, we had to sit in separate tables since there was not enough tables to fit all 4 of us ūüė¶
Let’s start with the interior. Dip ‘n dip’s deco main theme colours are red, black, and brown which I feel suit what they’re all about; chocolate. Despite using warm tones, it doesn’t stray from focusing on relaxing and calming ambiance. Accompanied with the sweet scent of chocolate, I could almost snooze in my comfy couch.
The moment we were seated, we were greeted by a friendly waiter handing us the menu. Look what is on the first page of the menu! Im one of those that read everything on the menu, so I’ve gotta read this one.

Flipping through the menu, I found it overloaded with sugary treats.¬†Chocolate Fountain¬†is the signature¬†item, available in black and white chocolate.¬†Basically you can find any chocolate-based desserts, drinks and savouries here. I was tempted by the¬†pancakes and pizzas¬†actually, all drizzled with hot melting chocolate. Now I am wondering why don’t ants visit this restaurant. “A taste will make you smile”. Love love love this slogan & I think it fits the cafe really well. A taste of their dessert did make me smile ūüôā Image Image

Now let’s look at what they have to fulfill your chocolate cravings! Moon and my others friend is a regular here and she suggested that we should share whatever we were about to order because the portion is huge and we may get a bit ‘muak’ later because of the chocolate. Oh Im ready for this!
You can see that they have so many types of chocolate meals; crepe, waffles, dips, cakes, muffins, cookies and so much more! I didn’t snap every page of the menu because I don’t want to spoil it for you, though I think I have by uploading these two pages. I just want to give you the idea of what they have and their pricing.¬† Trust me peeps, there are more than this! I didn’t know what to order because there were so many that I wanted to try but of course, my purse didn’t have that much money at that time.
Moon recommended the Fettuccini Crepe (RM 29 for the largest size)
The Fettuccini Crepe is not the fettuccini pasta ok! Don’t freak out. I freaked out at first, I mean..chocolate and pasta? That’s a weird combo. It was actually strips of crepe that looks like fettuccini. Creative! A giant scoop of vanilla ice cream was at the centre, perfected with chocolate poured all over. The best part was when the waiter poured the chocolate right in front of our eyes instead of doing it in the kitchen. Style!¬†¬†When I first tasted this, I couldn’t help but taking in more and more. The crepe was properly done, not too thick and not too thin, and the chocolate was warm and rich which definitely made me feel like all my money was worth it. It was milk chocolate because Im no fan of dark chocolate. It was very delicious and addictive. However, after consuming more than half of the plate, I started to feel ‘muak’, so I had to stop. Next time I will come here with an empty tummy! The vanilla ice cream gave it a plus point to cool your tastebuds so you won’t feel it’s too chocolatey. Overall, Im very happy to spend my evening here and super satisfied with the Fettuccini Crepe! Their chocolate was TO DIE FOR, I can guarantee you that!
For a drink, I choose¬†Strawberry Dipatte.¬†Honestly I have no idea what’s¬†‘Dipatte’, but it is clearly stated in the menu, “Dipatte is something between hot chocolate, latte and mocha.” So I assumed it is good stuff, increasing my curiosity towards it. Without hesitation, I ordered a glass of strawberry dipatte, and I loved the beautiful layers of liquid there.¬†Occupying a large portion of the glass, the milky white layer is warm¬†strawberry flavoured white chocolate. Stirring the glass would turn the mixture into pastel pink shades, so lovely and sweet! With chunks of fresh strawberries on top, I called it a romantic strawberry affair!
This is what my other friends tried. The name is Profiterole¬†It’s a pastry filled with vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce. Slightly warm pastry combined with the cold ice-cream + warm chocolate sauce make it a delight to eat.
Next is Dip Crispies. Shocked, I realized I’m not a very chocolate person after all. Hence, I opted for a bowlful of healthy cereal mix laced with melted chocolate. It is probably the next best alternative from the fattening piece of waffles topped with chocolate and a scoop of soft ice cream. There went the good stuff in a cup. A bowl filled with crispy rice cereals and chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows is definitely a comfort food, and an excellent mood booster. The rice cereal is tasteless on its own, but when soaked in chocolate bath, it becomes so gooey and rich! Each spoonful is simply satisfying, all you want about cocoa is here. I was fall in love With this chocolate combination !Image Image

After eight milk shake. Im forget to taste it. Hahaha

#1 My overall impression to this cafe is quite good. Suitable for girly dates, and lovey-dovey meet-ups.

#2 The quality of chocolate is just normal, but the level of sweetness is slightly above my limit.

#3 Price-wise, it is on the steep side, considering the quality of the food.

Dip N Dip  Chocolate Sweets & Coffee House
Jalan Telawi 3, 
59100 Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur.

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