Assalamualaikum. HI HI HI.

This is not my first time trying Ikea meatballs. People always telling me how nice is the meatballs. Last four days I went to there, the restaurant actually closed! GRRRRR

But, yesterday I finally get to eat there! *jumping around* so excited when I see the meatballs with fries. Looks so tempting ūüėÄ

I love their cream sauce super much! Actually at my first time try I was so surprised when I found that there’s berry jam in the plate! At first I thought it will taste weird because I cant imagine the mushroom-taste sauce mix with berry. But it turned out to be really matching. I love it so much.

I wish I can have it very often! HAHAHAHAHH.

So, we all know that Ikea is the best place to satisfy our cravings for meatballs right? They’re cheap, and delicious, but… just not worth the long queue!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love Ikea meatballs. To death. So much love for those little balls of meaty goodness that in many occasions, I find my ‘kakak’ driving all the way to Damansara, queue for God knows how long, and by the time I got my hands on a plate of meatballs (I always order 10 pieces no sharing).¬†And it gets worse when it’s your turn to order, you’re all excited, tummy rumbling and all, then the cafe guy/lady says, “Sorry¬†kak, meatballs¬†habis. Tinggal¬†salmon¬†dengan¬†chicken wings¬†aje.” After all that time you wasted queuing. Killjoy.

It’s madness at the Ikea cafe these days. Weekdays, weekends, wee hours of the morning, late night just before closing, public holidays, whatnot, same old same old, always crowded. Not like those days (about 10 years ago) when my mom and I used to frequent Ikea. There was just so much space for us to run around with our shopping trolleys, and the meatballs were much bigger in size and less burnt as compared to today’s. Now the mention of Ikea makes her cringe. She hates crowds. She prefers to shop when there’s only her a few other people in the store. And if possible she wants her car parked right smack at the entrance, cos that’s how she rolls. Drama queen, I tell you. LOL! Just kidding, mom! Love you.

Well, I guess the problem with the Ikea cafe is that they’re understaffed. The workers can’t keep up with the meatballs demand of loyal customers, and as a result, we get shrinking, overcooked or burnt meatballs due to lack of quality control. I dunno bout you, but I keep getting those overcooked oddly shaped meatballs. And sometimes the creamy brown sauce could use a bit of seasoning too. Such a turn off. Don’t get me started on the Almondy (Daim cake). They almost ALWAYS run out!

So,¬†If you don’t want to fight the masses of grumpy furniture shoppers for your¬†Ikea meatball fix,¬†you can make them at home like me !! HAHAHAH

This is the recipe. I found it at internet but I make it simple and the taste is still AWESOME !!

Homemade Ikea Meatball

2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
5 tablespoons butter, divided
2 cold boiled medium potatoes
1 pound ground beef
1 egg
3/4 cup water and cream (or milk) mixture
3 tablespoons rusk flour, or dry breadcrumbs
Salt and freshly ground white pepper
A pinch of ground allspice

Cook the onion until golden in 2 tablespoons of lightly browned butter.

Mash the potatoes and moisten the rusk flour or crumbs in a little water.

Mix all the ingredients until well blended, and season generously with salt, white pepper, and a little ground allspice.


Shape the mixture into golfball-sized balls and transfer to a floured sheet of waxed paper.

Fry the meatballs slowly in plenty of butter.

Cream Sauce

1 cup beef stock
1/2 cup cream
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon white flour
Freshly ground white pepper

Bring the beef stock to a boil. Add the cream and soy sauce to taste, and thicken with flour. Season with white pepper and salt if needed.

Serve the meatballs with the sauce, freshly boiled small potatoes, and lingonberry jam. I just used raspberry jam, a bit different but it still YUMMYYY !

So you guys can also try it at home. MAMAMIA !!



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