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Tony Roma’s

Assalamualikum. Hi everyone. Lets talk about makan-makan.

I know Tony Roma’s is so common.
You can easily find their franchise all over in KL.
And I always thought they are very expensive!

So finally I went yesterday! just because to do this task.. Hahahahaha
*stop being cheapskate for once* >.<

I have directed by friendly waiter to a table next to window. Over the view is Sunway Lagoon.


Tony Roma’s is a modern casual dining chain restaurant. Very American style. You may adjust the window blind. We were enjoying our food while seeing the nice view of Sunway Lagoon over the window.. I simply took some pictures while waiting for our food to be served. No SDLR today, took all pictures with my phone camera which i carrying it everywhere i go… Hehe.. So that i can take more pictures to blog it here.. 😀

Tony Roma’s Drinks and Desserts Menu. Choosing your beverage was a headache because they have many to offer ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. But me and ______ will normally skip the alcoholic section as both of us are non alcoholic people. Haha!

Our complimentary Bread with Butter Spread
Warm when it is served, crispy bread skins but soft inside!
Cut it half and spread with butter! Yummy!
Pineapple Sunrise – RM8.90
Sweet and sour mixed of pineapple and orange juice.
Not chilled enough to my liking.
Pina Mango Swirl – RM12.90
Pina colada swirl with mango and topped with crushed pineapple.
This is AWESOME!! The coconut milk enhanced the sweetness! =DD
Salmon Scampi Pasta – RM39.90
A generous portion of pasta with garlic and tomato pesto.
And of course the thick piece of salmon!!
Salmon lovers!! You gotta love this!
My main target – 
Lamb ribs with BBQ Chicken – RM53.90
Marinated lamb ribs flame-grilled to its perfection of crispy skin!
Tenderness of the lamb plus the delicious fat of the lamb make it perfect!

The taste of lamb is awesome that is well marinated, and grill to perfection that the meat just breaks easily and fats that comes along is quite even. Just that some of the ribs have more fats and overall, this dish is done pretty good with special sauce that the chef have created that make its another great dish to be hunt in the menu.

Tony Roma’s

LL 1.43, Lower Level One, 
(Directly above the skating rink)
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Well, that kind of enjoyment comes with a price.
Total of RM134.10 for two persons.
I guess I will only be eating here once in a long while. >.<
But its a good try.

The afternoon lunch was really enjoyable with the good companion in the warm and cosy restaurant and delicious food!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Recommended: Lamb ribs, Onion Loaf, Fish Grill, Chessy Burge

Price: Above Average. Price for set lunch is variant. It depends on the food that you order.

Ambiance: Cozy, young and lively atmosphere
Service: Good and friendly customer service.

Try Lanun Steak Uptown

Assalamualaiikum semua. Selamat hari merdeka !! Nak tanya ni korang suka makan kat mane? kalau Qila antara salah satu makanan kegemaran qila kalau nak makan Western Food ialah di Lanun Steak Uptown Hawkers, Damansara. Kalau korang pernah ke sana, mesti perasan gerai Western Food Lanun Steak. masa bulan puasa tiga kali makan sini. Heheheheh
 Environment dia ok la. tapi kadang terlalu ramai sampai takde tempat duduk. MEJA PENUH wa cakap lu !!!
Kat sini memang ada banyak pilihan Western Food dari pilihan menu Chicken Chop, Lamp Chop, Beef, Sirloin dan juga ada Mushroom Soup. Boleh pilih untuk di gabungkan dengan pilihan kuah Asli ataupun kuah Black Pepper.
Menu yang qila cuba minggu lepas, Lamb Chop. harganya murah sahaja dan memang berbaloi. Sedap dan semestinya lain kali akan cuba menu Sirloin Steak pulak.
Tempat dia biasa je. macam foodcourt tu. Ada banyak stall makanan. tapi Qila kalau datang sini cuma untuk makan kat Lanun ni je.. Sedapppp !!
Sizzling Lamp Steak qila punye, daging memang lembut + black pepper and lanun white sauce yang sedap ++ harga dekat sini adalah sangattttttttt murah. kalau tak salah harga makanan ni dalam range RM12-RM15 je.
Untuk korang2 yang xpenah try makan kat situ lagi..silalah. qila bagi 4 bintang..huhu..sebab daging die lembut..sos pun kena dengan selera qila.. harganya pun murah..hehe…soooo,zassss!!! so restoran nie dapat 3.5/5 star dari qila.. ahahahah.. kedekut star yeh aku? lebih dari 2.5 bermaksud korang boleh pergi makan kat sini.. anggap saja aku kedekut star.. ehem ehem.